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Research is a funny thing. Sometimes I search and never find what I’m looking for only to stumble upon the answer while researching something else. Such an example happened last week, while browsing through the Gallery. I had revisited the 1914 postcard entitled “The Village of Ogunquit, Me, and River from the Ontio.” I’ve always had a hard time with its handwriting (any help is appreciated) and couldn’t read the name of the author whose signature looked like “H-something Sachern.”

I ended up finding the answer to my question by typing “Ontio” and “Ogunquit” into Google.

The search results lead me to a book called Ogunquit (Then & Now). Page 47 had a picture of “The Ontio Hotel” in Ogunquit, Maine.

At first I assumed that “H-something Sachern” was staying at the Ontio. But that’s when the name of another Ogunquit hotel caught my eye.

“H-something Sachern” wasn’t a signature at all. It was my mystery author signing off from the “Hotel Sachem.”