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the_cardinal_family_300pxLast October I had a chance to revisit Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, Massachusetts. My goal was to find two gravesites: Lizzie’s mother, Mary (Carroll) Nestor, and her sister, Ellen (Nestor) Cardinal. I found one of the two and learned a lesson.

Evidently, if you’re looking for a gravesite that’s almost a hundred years old, you need to make special arrangements because the records are buried (pun intended) deep within the archives. Since Mary was buried in 1917, I’ll need to make a special request to find her final resting place. Looks like that’ll be on my next visit.

However, I did find Ellen’s grave. Her “address” is:

40 St. Bridget Ave

Grave #64

As with every little discovery, I learn something new. Ellen is buried with her husband, Joseph Cardinal, and two of their children: Angeline Cardinal and Nestor Cardinal.

According to the dates on the stone:

  • Nestor Cardinal died in 1945 at the age of 39.
  • Angeline Cardinal died in 1969 at the age of 68.