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This is a copy of the church record’s for the June 22, 1885 marriage of Elizabeth Nestor to Patrick Milligan.

To the best of our knowledge, this is what it says:

N. 28 Patrick Milligan & Elizabeth Nestor
The twenty second June one thousand eight-hundred and
eighty five after the publication of three banns of marriage
without impediment or opposition; we the undersigned priest duly
authorized having received the mutual consent of Patrick Mil
ligan, cigar-maker, domiciled in this parish son of age of
deceased Edward Milligan and of Mary Leahy of Mel
bourne, Austrailia, of the one part and of Elizabeth Nestor
domiciled in this parish, xxxx daughter of age of Francis Nestor
shoe-maker xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and of Mary
Carroll who consented to the marriage; have married
them in accordance to the laws and rites of the Holy Catholic
Church in xxxxxxxx of William Nolan undersigned with the
bridegroom and of xxx and Nestor xxxxx bride xxx xxxxx the bride
declared she could not sign.
+Pat Milligan William Nolan

Here is a link to the highest resolution of the image that we have.

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