Posted by on Sep 20, 2014 |

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast. Lisa is a genealogy expert who lectures around the world, helping people with the tools that they need to research their own family histories. And although there’s very little that she hasn’t seen with respect to genealogy, she’s never come across anything like Project Lizzie–a site dedicated to telling the family history of a non-relative.

The interview was a first for me too. Not my first interview, but the first time that an interviewer turned the tables and answered a question better than me.

“Why have you dedicated so much time and even a website to this research?” Lisa asked,

When my answer didn’t seem to satisfy her, she asked, “So, you want my theory?”

She then blew me away with an amazing personal insight that I’d never considered. Not only did she nail my unconscious motivation behind Project Lizzie, but her observation became the inspiration for the video on this site’s About page.

Lisa produces a very informative podcast, so I recommend listening to the whole thing. However, if you feel like a kid on Christmas morning and can’t wait for the interview, it runs between 28:37 and 49:15.

Click the play button below to hear Episode 171 of the Genealogy Gems podcast.