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A couple of weeks ago, the host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, Lisa Louise Cooke, asked why I was researching someone else’s family history as opposed to my own. I gave her my “standard” answer–that I was a storyteller and Lizzie had a story that needed to be told. But my answer didn’t seem to satisfy her. After a short pause, Lisa asked if I wanted to hear her theory.

“What an odd question to ask during an interview,” I thought, before agreeing to hear what she had to say.

She believed that I was researching my own family history, through my connection with my uncle. She arrived at this this theory after listening to the Project Lizzie griddlesode, where I had described my relationship with him.

Her insight blew me away. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before. Perhaps I was just too close to the story, or that the fog of time clouded it, but all became clear. The driving force behind Project Lizzie was the death of my Uncle Fred.

The next time someone asks why I’m researching Lizzie Milligan, I’ll start with, “Let em tell you about my Uncle Fred.”


Note: The Genealogy Gems interview isn’t live yet, but when it is, I’ll let everyone know.