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edward_cardinal_portrait_1926The goal of this project has always been to follow the clues contained within Lizzie’s postcards to learn as much about her as possible. During the past two years, I’ve been reasonably successful. I know where she was born, who she married, who she gave birth to, where she worked, who some of her friends were, and when she died. But even with all of this information, one critical piece of the Lizzie puzzle was missing. I’ve yet to see a photograph of her.

Last week, I stumbled upon the next best thing: a photograph of a relative: Lizzie’s nephew, Edward Gerard Cardinal.

According to his 1926 High School Yearbook:

He lived at 5 Robinson Road in Malden, which means that he lived with Lizzie and her son Edward.

His nickname was “Eddie.”

He went to the Cheverus Centennial School. Evidently, the Cheverus School is the elementary school associated with Lizzie’s faith community, The Sacred Hearts Parish.

He was born on October 22, 1908.

His favorite quote was, “Instead of tears, let them pour capon sauce on my hearse.” The quote is attributed to a curiously named play called “The Woman Hater,” a comedy about a misogynist, written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher in 1607.

Edward had aspirations to be a bookkeeper, however, he didn’t go into that profession directly. According to the 1930 US Federal Census, he was a “musician” in the “restaurant” industry. But, after he settled down with his wife (Ana) and had two children (Edward Jr. and Nancy), the 1940 US Federal Census tells us that he fulfilled his bookkeeping dream after becoming a “General Clerk” in a “Sugar Refining Co.”

I remain hopeful in finding the Holy Grail of this project, a picture of Lizzie. Until then, though, I’ll study the faces of relatives.



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