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Following our hunch that Lizzie may have spent the rest of her life in Malden, Massachusetts, I contacted the City Clerk’s office.

Well, fellow Lizologists, we got a hit. This is the email that came back to me:

Hi Ron:
Elizabeth Milligan died February 3, 1962 at the age of 93. She was still living at 5 Robinson Rd. at the time.
Karen Anderson
City Clerk

I sent my $10 check and S.A.S.E. and received the certificate within  the week. Click on the image above for a high resolution scan of the certificate.

Here’s what the document says:

  • Lizzie died on February 3, 1962 (the same date as her baptism: “La trois Février.”) at the Mt. Pleasant Nursing home in Billerica, Massachusetts, a place where she’d been a patient for two years.
  • She’s listed as being 93 years old, but if her baptismal records are accurate, she was actually 94.
  • Her doctor, S. G. Hajjar, treated her from May 5, 1951 to the very end.
  • She died of “arteriosclerotic heart disease” and was buried on February 6, 1962 at Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden.
  • Although her heart let out on her, her love and devotion to Patrick Milligan never ceased. Lizzie never remarried.
  • Lizzie had no social security number, which isn’t surprising because it doesn’t appear that she ever became a citizen of the United States.
  • The document says that she owned her home, which is interesting considering that sister Ellen Cardinal was listed as the head of household in the 1940 United States Federal Census. This may indicate that Lizzie outlived her little sister.
  • She was born in Montreal, and it says that her father, Francis V. Nestor and mother, Mary Carroll were both born in Ireland.

It looks like we have some more clues to follow, especially the fact that we know the name of the cemetery that she’s buried in.

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