Project Lizzie is a quest to uncover the life story of Lizzie Milligan, a woman who lived a century ago in Malden, Massachusetts. Inspired by a favorite uncle, Ron Ploof has been following the clues left behind on her collection of 99 postcards. These clues have lead him to census records, death certificates, obituaries and transcontinental trips to old New England cemeteries. This website documents everything found along the way.

There’s a lot here, so please feel free to look around.

  • The Postcard Gallery contains the fronts and backs of all 99 postcards.
  • The blog covers our latest developments.
  • The Chronology page lists the blog posts in the order they were published, offering an easy way for new visitors to start from the very beginning.
  • And finally, the Wanna Help? section offers plenty of ways for you to become a…wait for it…Lizologist. (:

Whether you want to lean back and let Lizzie’s story come to you, or lean forward to help us tell it, this site is for you.

Fred and Ron

Uncle Fred and me…trying to figure out what to do with a mildew-filled carpet.