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Image Description:  Cunard R.M.S. Franconia nd Laconia
Sender’s Message: “Friend Lizzie, After a jolly good time arrived at queenstown 5 PM Tuesday. Reached London 6 AM Wednesday. Regards to all the girls. Yours Sharper.”
  • Date unknown due to illegible postmark.¬†However, the subject of the card gives us some clues to date the postmark between July 1910 and Feb 1917. The RMS Laconia‘s maiden voyage was on January 20, 1911 and it was sunk on February 25, 1917 by German U-Boat U-50. The RMS Franconia was launched on July 23, 1910 and it was sunk by German U-Boat U-47 on October 4, 1916.
  • Sender: Sharper