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This is a copy of the church record’s for the March 28, 1886 baptism of  Edward Milligan, the son of Elizabeth Nestor and Patrick Milligan. To the best of our knowledge, this is what the document says:

xxx Edward Milligan

J. Gougin priest
the twenty eight of March, one thousand eight hun
dred and eighty six, we the undersigned xxxxx xxx xx
of this parish, have baptized Edward, born on
the twenty fourth this month, legitimate son of Pa
trick Milligan, cigar-maker and of Elizabeth Nestor
of the parish. The god father was Henri Desroches
shoe-maker of Gabriel’s parish (Montreal, and
Page Break: Page header says something in French: Dix Huitxxxx feuillet (18th Page?)
the god mother Mary Ann Fitzgerald of St. Ann’s parish (Mon
treal, who as well as the father have signed with us  xxxxx xxxxx
read to the parties. Mary Ann Fitzgerald Patrick Milligan xxxx xxxxxxx
J. Gougin priest

Here is a link to the highest resolution of the image that we have.

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