ron_bio_shotRon Ploof has been a storyteller since as far back as he can remember. From the 1970s, when he produced neighborhood audio dramas using a simple cassette recorder, to the multi-track recording studio that he built in his basement in the 1990s, he’s loved finding creative ways to tell stories.

In 1991, he wrote, recorded, and self-published a two-hour audio cassette called Taxes, Tyranny, and Wild-eyed Radicals, that told the story of everything leading up to, and including the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

In 1995, he combined storytelling with education by writing a book called The Edison Effect: Success Strategies for the Information Age.  The book used a fictional story to teach employees how to remain relevant in a workplace driven by technological change.

In 2005, Ron pursued a new technology to distribute audio stories by launching Griddlecakes Radio, one of the world’s first storytelling podcasts.

Project Lizzie is his latest storytelling endeavor, were he’s seeking to uncover the life story of a woman who lived a century ago by following the clues inscribed onto her personal collection of century-old postcards.