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Project Lizzie

Will you be remembered 100 years from now?

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Project Lizzie: The End

Posted on Feb 22

Some stories take longer than others to tell. This one took forty-two years.


Edward Nestor (1861-1916)

Posted on Mar 29

Lizzie’s oldest brother, Edward got married in Montreal, moved to New York City, where he supported his family as a waiter.


Nestor Cardinal (1906-1945)

Posted on Jan 10

Lizzie’s nephew, Nestor Cardinal, died at 39 years old in 1945. What can we learn about him?


The Cardinal Family Grave

Posted on Dec 29

During my October visit to Malden Massachusetts, I stopped by Holy Cross Cemetery to find more grave sites. That’s where I found Lizzie’s sister, Ellen (Nestor) Cardinal…and a few more tidbits.


Who is H-something Sachern?

Posted on Dec 13

Sometimes the answer to a question is easy to find. Other times, it requires a little luck.


Lizzie’s Parish: Sacred Hearts Church, Malden

Posted on Nov 1

Lizzie moved to Malden, Massachusetts in 1914. She lived there for the next 58 years. One of the buildings that she would have spent time in was the Sacred Hearts Church, which we had the opportunity to visit in October 2014.


Project Lizzie Interview on Genealogy Gems Podcast

Posted on Sep 20

Lisa Louise Cooke interviewed Ron Ploof on her Genealogy Gems podcast. But during the interview, she turned the tables on him by explaining his true motivation behind Project Lizzie.


Edward Gerard Cardinal

Posted on Sep 13

The discovery of a High School Yearbook uncovers the first photograph of a Lizzie Milligan relative: her nephew, Edward G. Cardinal.


Another Amazing Connection: G. W. Tarlson

Posted on Aug 30

A reader’s comment about the M.C.A. Cigar Company makes Ron take a closer look at an 1894 invoice for 100 cigars. What he learns is an incredible connection.